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Saturday Night Viewing Options

Last night I was faced with a difficult dilemma. Watch the Patriots make a run at 16-0 or watch the Celtics head into Utah in hopes of silencing some critics' claims that Boston has not beaten anyone yet, while simultaneously surpassing last season's win total. To be honest it was a tough call, made easier by the fact that I am in Canada and could not find the Celtics TV. And Pats/Giants did not disappoint. What a game. That said, I wish I had the Celtics game on DVR. From the looks of it Paul Pierce got hot down the stretch as the C's pulled out a difficult one. Great to see. I loathe comparisons to Larry Bird. I often find them unnecessary and unwarranted. But how about Pierce dropping 37 on the Sonics and then scoring all 24 of his points in the second half to help topple the Jazz? Remember how much Bird loved to play out West and make a statement? I don't but people have told me about it. And Pierce is in the midst of doing something similar right now. In closing head over to Pat's Pulpit for a recap of the Patriots' final regular season game. Actually one more thing. Beat LA.

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