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Tony Allen: Starting Point Guard

Tony Allen started at point guard for the best team in the league.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Or better yet, read what Kelly Dwyer had to say about last night's game:

With Rajon Rondo out, Doc Rivers started Tony Allen at point guard. I'll repeat: Doc Rivers started Tony Allen at point guard. Love Tony Allen, appreciate his game, enjoyed his breakout season last year - but he also entered the game turning the ball over on 18 percent of the possession he used up. That's not only bad, that's the worst mark of ANY guard in the entire NBA. And Doc Rivers started him, at point guard!

Somehow, it worked. Allen fouled out, did most of his damage against a clueless rookie (sorry for calling you "clueless," JC, happy birthday), and dished as many assists (four) as he had turnovers (four; and there was a backcourt violation he committed that wasn't called), but it worked. Or, let's change the wording on this: the Celtics won. If Rondo doesn't return for Boston's next game (at home, against the Rockets), then we might have a problem.

This team really needs some more depth at that position and it is something I've been whining about since the offseason.  When the wins keep piling up, it is hard to second guess, but I'm going to keep pounding the table on this one. 

We have two open slots.  We need to get a point guard and a big man.  I understand that Ainge is showing patience and waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up.  Certainly there's no sense of urgency on his part and he can deal from a position of strength.  Still I hope we've filled those last two spots on the roster by the trade deadline.

I don't really care for bringing in aging stars looking for one last gasp (Payton, Webber).  I also don't think a young project player will do us any good either.  We need role players.

We need the equivalent of a backup quarterback at the point guard spot.  Not someone that is going to command big bucks and demand a starting role.  Just some guy that was drafted late, has put in his dues, and is ready to put in the work to help a team win games.  Of course I have no idea who that would be exactly, but maybe you guys can offer some suggestions.

It sounds funny, but at center we really need another Scot Pollard type player (perhaps with a few less injury issues).  The kind of guy that can come in and throw his body around and not make too many costly mistakes.

I'm happy with the wins. Ecstatic really.  But I see holes and I know Danny and Doc do too.  I am looking forward to seeing the team fill those holes because I think it will benefit the team in the long run.

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