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Daily Links 12/31

Herald   Pierce, Celtics show how the West was won    
Rondo rests hamstring rather than risk injury      
Globe   Glitzy win by the Celtics    
Hamstrung Rondo sits one out     
He shoots, he scores     
CelticsBlog   Tony Allen starting point guard    
LOY's Place   Celtic's blow out Lakers to finish road trip 4-0    Power Rankings- Celtics #2     
ESPN   Garnett sets tone for Boston's winning ways  
Celtics on pace for record season     
Hoopsworld   Courtside blog      
Power Rankings,  Celtics #1      
Celtics 24/7    Beat LA mission accomplished   
LA Times   Rivalry that once was not quite back yet    
Lakers come up short     
Lakers come up short in attire too     
Healthy Cassell produces point guard glut      
Press Enterprise    Rivalry more like old times   
Red's Army    Just like the good old days    
Full Court Press    Some likely Celtics New Year resolutions     
Yahoo Sports    Short on weaknesses      
SouthCoast Today    A new year, and new life for old foes     
3 Shades of Blue   Blogger MVP/ROY rankings episode 3      
OC Register   Easily frustrated Lakers no match for Celtics     
Lakers don't measure up     
Dime    Shorties watching shorties    
Daily Breeze   Lakers thrown back     
Unpossiblog   Lakers shorts aren't enough to stop Celtics    
20 Second Timeout    KG and the Celtics lock down the Lakers    
Seattle Times    For Sonics' West clouds are clearing    
Cape Cod Times    All eyes turn to Celtics' rebound    
Lakers Basketblog   Lakers vs Celtics post game   
Epic Carnival   Celtics deserve some credit    
Hoopsvibe   Gary Payton's last stop:  Celtics or Warriors?   
Green Bandwagon  Top ten Celtics moments of 2007      
Just a Bit Outside    Return of the Celtics     
Fox Sports   Team Report:  Getting inside    
Seattle PI   Boston set for classic battle in LA     
Bleacher Report   Boston dominates 2007 headlines   
Shamrock Headband   C'mon that was a foul    
Lex Nihil Novi   Lakers cry no mas    
Most satisfying regular season win since 2/16/86       
In memory of the Laker killer      
Connecticut Post    Celtics pound the Lakers     

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