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Defense Wins

Peter May writes:

Well, if we didn't know by now - with 14 wins in 16 games, many of them wire-to-wire routs - we can point to Celtics boss Danny Ainge's remarks yesterday as to why he thinks his team is overpowering its opponents. In a word, defense.

Ainge said the word "defense" more times yesterday than Allen Iverson said the word "practice" in his infamous rant while still with 76ers. It drives home the point behind the success of the 2007-08 team: It starts and ends with the defense, which, as most of us know, is usually what wins championships.

That's why you have to be so smitten by the play of this team. The Celtics have gone San Antonio on us overnight, playing the best defense in the NBA. It's not even close. We are not accustomed to this, not just the winning, but the way they are winning. We generally don't do defense.

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