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Doc Is Good So Far

Steve Weinman provides a thoughtful look at Doc Rivers so far this season.  Here's his conclusion:

There is a long way to go before full judgment will be able to be placed on the coaching job of Doc Rivers in Boston this season.  He will be defined by how fresh he keeps his players for the playoffs and how well he can get them to play come springtime.

But as of now, those players love playing with each other.  They are having a tremendous amount of fun simply playing the game.  Everybody is getting along, and almost everybody is doing the right things, both on and off the court.  That wasn’t the case last year, and Doc was rightfully blamed for much of it.  But it is the case this year, and Doc should be just as rightfully praised for the work he has done thus far.  Not unduly praised, but moderately praised.  Because the Celtics are currently succeeding. Thus far, Doc Rivers has been a part of it.

His sins from seasons past aren’t to be pardoned or forgotten.  Once again, the true judgment on his job so far remains a long ways off.  But perhaps a little more open-mindedness toward the job he could do in Boston wouldn’t hurt after all.  Only time will tell.

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