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Daily Links 12/4

Herald    Rondo on a good roll        
Globe    Celtics flourishing as defensive specialists      
Pruitt makes U-turn,  Doc honored      
MetroWest Daily   Celtics have room for error     
LOY's Place    The last banner      
ESPN   Stein  Power Rankings - Magic 1, Celtics 3      
Hollinger Power Rankings,  Celtics 1, Magic 2     
Hoopsworld    Sixers fire King     
Telfair gets new start in Minnesota     
Full Court Press   A Celtics blogger's Christmas Carol   
Patriot Ledger   Garnett's stats down a bit with fewer minutes    
Afternoon delight      
NY Sun   Weak schedule or not, Celtics rule the rankings 
The Daily   The value of a solid point guard   Block of the night -  KG    
Box Score from Flash win over Anaheim       
Yahoo Sports    KG leading early MVP field    
Basketbawful   Return of the worst of the weekend     
Sports Media Watch    Celtics Pride     
Got Garnett    No love for ugly wins     
Post Bulletin      Wolves hit rock bottom      
The Entrerprise    Day of game habits are tough to break     
Boston's Big Baby a babe in the NBA woods       
Simon on Sports   Scalabrine watch week 5     
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams   Proof that the Lakers have only 9 championships  
Lex Nihil Novi    Big Baby performing consistently in an inconsistent role   
Another Garnett conspiracy theorist      
Metro     Requiem for a win         
Delaware Online    Sixers stuck in snooze control    
Topix    Banner 17:  I love it when you call me Big Baby    
Fantasy Basketblog   Beyond the big 3      

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