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Daily Links 12/5

Herald    76ers can King, hire Nets GM     
Tony's confidence low      
Fans gather more Moss, Garnett jerseys in 07      
Globe    Progress seen in big project     
Rivers has better things in mind      
MetroWest Daily   Celtics fast start validates Rivers     
A life full of challenge for Carr    
LOY's Place   MVP considerations    
Perkisabeast   Face it world, we're just better than you    
Philly Inquirer   Somebody had to pay for decline of Sixers   
Celtics a good example for Sixers' new boss      
Philly Daily News   Celtics show quick fix is possible   
Enterprise   C's are more than the Big 3    
Courtside View   Back to work in Waltham      
The NBA Source   Musings about Doc one month into a new era in Beantown   
MN Publius   When did we become New England's farm team?      
Fox Sports    East still lagging behind the West   
Bleacher Report    NBA's most improved players       
Parquet Pride   Quite frankly, this guy's an idiot          
Shamrock Headband   So long Billy      
Lex Nihil Novi   Remembering the 1983 Celtics-Sixers brawl  
Red reacts to the 1983 Celtics Sixers brawl       
Metro     Nothing cavalier about this rivalry    

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