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Daily Links 12/6

Herald   Doc writes prescription      
Reserves go above and beyond      
Globe   Celtics step up in time to deep six 76ers    
Tony Allen responds to Doc's challenge   Post ups notebook     
LOY's Place   Sixers start strong but Celtics get the last word    
Hoopsworld   Breaking down Delonte West     
NY Post    Kidd issues ultimatum, goes on strike      
Full Court Press   A Celtic blogger Christmas Carol Chapter 2    
Philly Burbs   Sixers run out of steam     
Patriot Ledger   Different team but Rivers is the same     
Celtics fine tune at practice       
Enterprise   Toughest is yet to come for the C's      
Spinster Stories   Flash lose, Danny to visit       
With Malice    More than a feeling      
Secret Key to Nowhere   Falling for basketball for the first time    
ESPN   Rookie watch     
Basketbawful   Fox Sports thinks God is a Celtics fan       
TV Sports Daily    NBA's age requirement is playing with fire     
Hoopsvibe   NBA coaches mic'd up on the sidelines would answer our burning questions   
Sports of Boston   Celtics 4 point play     
Worldwide Circus Agent   Ainge looks like a winner     
Shamrock Headband    So long Philly        
Lex Nihil Novi    KG praises Doc       
Metro    C's cream Philly      
Connecticut Post    Pierce passes Celtics to victory    
Celtics 17   New GM  same 76ers      
Red's Army   Character guys     
Philly Inquirer   New Sixers era begins with another loss       

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