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"Brace yourselves gentlemen. According to the gas chromatograph, the secret ingredient is...[reads the printout]...LOVE?! Who's been screwing with this thing?!" - Professor Fink

That's from the classic "Flaming Moes" episode of the Simpsons where the good professor's attempts to figure out the secret recipe were thwarted by yet another one of his flawed inventions. However, I bring this up because I actually watched the post game report of the Celtics/Sixers game on Wednesday. At one point Doc admitted that he simply told Tony Allen he loved him during halftime. Of course Allen 's game picked up in the second half, which was a welcome change after some head scratching turnovers in the first. Hey whatever works. Ubuntu, love, not playing Ray Allen 49 minutes tonight even if the game goes to overtime like last time, etc. I'm easy.

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