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Consider the Shark Jumped

I just wanted to post a list of subjects/people/stories that I no longer pay attention to:

  • Terrell Owens. I'll watch the Cowboys occasionally. But I refuse to read articles about him or watch his interviews. And I always change the channel from any pregame, halftime or post game coverage of TO. It is liberating.
  • The NFL Network. You want to know something funny? I get it and I still don't watch it. I believe in  football on Thursday twice a year - Thanksgiving and during the college football bowl season. If this is your biggest issue in life...
  • Fantasy Sports. It is a given that I don't care about your team. And now I don't really care about my team all that much. I'm even thinking about dropping out of a baseball league that has essentially served as a part time job, minus the pay, over the last few years.
  • OJ Simpson
  • Insert female celebrity's name with some sort of problem
  • Performance enhancing drugs.
  • Kobe Bryant trade rumors.
  • Jason Kidd trade rumors.
  • Fights between bloggers and main stream media.
  • The Celtics dance team.
  • Lucky.

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