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Daily Links 12/7

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CelticsBlog NBA  Thumbs Down On Being Mic'd Up  

Herald   Scal waits for shot     
Globe   Big 3 Sportscenter        
Garnett won't make the transition      
MetroWest Daily     Celtics reserves show their worth     Post Ups notebook - practice update      
CelticsBlog   Q&A with Raptors HQ      
LOY's Place   Celtics, biggest tests are yet to come     
ESPN    Hollinger playoff odds      
ESPN Insider    Big Baby tops Hollinger's rookie PER ratings       
Red's Army     Is there regret in Toronto?         
National Post    Raptors Notebook, Bosh, Bargnani won't play        
Sun Times    Storybook beginning for the Celtics     
Odd Jack    Knicks and Sixers to decide who is the 2nd worst team in the NBA     
Toronto Sun   Moon brought back to earth       
Philly News    Celts' Allen got game and Monroe banner      
Toronto Star    Celtics talent runs deep       
Reuters Boston    Boston sheds its "Loserville" tag      
Globe and Mail   Ford slowly reaching high gear        
Washington Times   At last some pride on the East side     
Gator Sports  Rivers flows through it         
With Malice   Olympic dreaming    Pitino at 500 wins, halfway to what might have been      
Huskies All Access     Ray Allen:  UConn Husky to NBA All Star         
Brew Hoop   Yi Jianlian likes milk and the Celtics       
Deseret News   Flash drop game in Anaheim,  Pruitt nets 21   
Simon on Sports    Creating the Worst - NBA player edition   
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's beat Hawks, move to 15-2       
Competition among the deeper rotational players      
Sports Couch    Celtics, Cavaliers, Magic in depth analysis      
University Chronicle     Garnett trade improves the NBA      
Courtside View    Celtics work it out at 15-2    Allen, Pierce and Garnett making it work    
Boston Bias    The best team in the NBA resides where?    
Deep Sixer     No D for KG and Celtics        
Patriot Ledger    House fitting well in the Celtics lineup            

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