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Rondo Has DJ Style

I am shocked and appalled at myself for failing to link to this earlier, but the venerable Kelly Dwyer has taken over the Yahoo hoops blog.   This is huge. Kelly has the heart of a blogger but for whatever reason tried to be a columnist for  Well, I suppose that worked out fine for him too, but this is really where his talents belong.

Anyway, getting back to the point, he linked to a post done by The Painted Area (another fine blog) talking about Rondo. In fact, I wonder if it was a thinly veiled attempt to get CelticsBlog to link to his new blog.  Well, done and done.  And well done.

Here's a quote (by The Painted Area - click the link, they have pretty charts)

Rondo certainly seems to be finishing at the basket better, but man oh man, check out those mid-range numbers. It might be a shocker to anyone who watched him launch those backboard-breakers which killed the C's in OT vs. CLE recently, but he is up from .279 to .537 on his mid-range jumpers.

Not only that, but Rajon clearly has much more confidence in his shot, as he's made more mid-range shots so far than he did in all of last season, and launched nearly two-thirds as many. He's eschewed the three, and mid-range jumpers now account for twice as large a share of his total shots as last year.

C's fans: maybe there's hope yet that the kid can knock down an open shot or two in a big moment, DJ-style.

Kelly also links to this video about DJ.   Man I miss DJ.

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