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Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls: 12/8/07 - Open Game Thread - "Finally James Posey...


Posey ejected for lowering his shoulder into Hinrich:

Posey ejected for tackling Deng:

Bulls fans don't like Posey:  

Bulls Fans - I don't blame Chicago them for hating Posey. He's a Celtic now and I can't excuse the above actions. Although there is a part of me that is happy that Boston has a guy who is not afraid to mix it up. Someone has to protect the triumvirate if push comes to shove. But back to Bulls fans. Over the last few seasons I have come to dislike them more and more. I find they have an inordinate amount of arrogance given that their team has not won fifty games in the last three regular seasons and has been knocked out of the first round of the playoffs twice and the second round once. Granted I accept the fact that the Bulls have been far better over this stretch than the Celtics. And Chicago has handled Boston in any number of ways, the biggest of course being victories. But I would like to see the Celtics take down the Bulls tonight.

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