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Celts Run Past the Bulls

  • rondodrivedec07.jpgGreat game Rajon.  The secret should be out now, you can hit the mid-range jumper
  • Posey has so been huge with threes this year.  What a pick up (Eddie too)
  • Big Baby is such a steal.  Could be Danny's best draft pick considering he's a second rounder  
  • Pierce took what was available and didn't force the issue, he's actually being too unselfish
  • I love watching KG. 7 blocks!  Clutch shots
  • The broadcast tonight was especially well miked, you could hear Rondo yelling BabyBabyBaby for the outlet, and KG apparently is consistent with his trash talk when throwing an opposing players shot
  • 17 - 2.  This team could very well be undefeated
  • Oh and the other team.  I really dislike Nocioni, such a whiner, like Danny Ainge except not a Celtic in that respect.  Wallace seems totally washed up. 

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