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Rondo is the star this morning following his 18 point, 7 rebound, 5 assist and 1 TO performance last night.   Maybe the worries about Rondo's ability to play with the three stars will go away with a few more games like last night. 

From Marc Spears' column today :

Rajon Rondo jumped in front of the spotlight usually reserved for the Celtics' star trio last night.

"I just wanted to come out and be aggressive," said Rondo, who entered the game averaging 8.3 points. "That was my mentality."

Said coach Doc Rivers: "Tonight, he was terrific. Every night is a different night. He's a roller coaster. He's a good one though, a fast roller coaster.

"We believe in him. We're going to keep putting him out there and we think he's going to keep producing. He made big jump shots tonight, too."

"When he's aggressive like that, we have better spacing," Allen said. "Normally, they are worried about me and Kevin and Paul. But when [Rondo] plays like that, he gives us another angle to our offense. He's a smart kid."

Chicago coach Scott Skiles seemed to agree.

"Rondo really hurt us tonight," said Skiles.

The AP game recap also focuses on Rajon.  Marc Spears will also join the CSL guys for CelticsStuff Live at 8pm tonight.

And a big hat tip to Big Al for his stellar performance last night versus the Suns.  Our new NBA Blogger Steve has a great piece for all of us who miss our friend Al .  


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