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A Man Down, But Not Out

I wanted to let you all know that our founder and fearless leader Jeff encountered a health issue that began sometime Friday evening. By Saturday morning he was in considerable pain and needed to go to the hospital. As it turned out, he had an acutely inflamed appendix which needed to be removed. Fortunately it had not ruptured, so his medical team had some time to properly prepare him for operation.

Jeff was admitted into surgery at 6:00PM EST yesterday. The operation went quite well. As of this morning, he is in some pain and also is running a bit of fever, so he may or may not be able to come home today. Otherwise, everything appears to be going fairly routinely and he probably will just need some rest and recovery time. If he is not released today, then he will most likely be released sometime tomorrow.

Naturally we are all greatly relieved that Jeff is now past what should be the most difficult portion of this ordeal. I know it has been tough for both him and his wonderful wife. I say this particularly with regard to Mrs. Clark because as all of you know, it is in many ways harder to watch a spouse or other loved one go through such an experience as this than it would be to go through it oneself. I must say, I really can't speak highly enough about Jeff's missus. I know the last day and a half has been both exhausting and nerve-racking for her, but yet she has been able to keep us updated on Jeff's condition regularly during this episode. We are all very grateful to her for that.

So send this fine couple all of your best love, prayers, sentiments and well-wishes. I know how much you all care for both of them. They are a blessing to us and we are all fortunate to have them a part of our lives. I have one last piece of news and I think you guys will love this. Apparently Jeff talked all about CelticsBlog to the doctors while under anesthesia but he doesn't remember any of it! Laughing

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