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PO(’s) PO(st) PO(oints)

lal.gifWell, now that we have sadly lost a “Baker’s Dozen” (13) in a row (A strong Gin Baker dozen for me please), it seems only appropriate that I throw down 13 observations about the LA Game last night in the Gah-en.

Perhaps the only recap it deserves, and perhaps the only recap we all can stomach at this point is just a quick run down in bullet points (save a bullet for me and a small firearm).

  1. Kobe dropped 43 on us, and as bad as I hate to say it, and as bad as it feels, the guy is an unbelievable player. Man I hate him.
  2. Tony Allen on the sidelines last night with a leg cast was a grim reminder our situation. Even a healthy Tony could not stop Kobe last night. Tony broke away from his doctoral studies on linguistics to attend the game.  
  3. POwe and Kandi Man saw no action at all last night……on a related note the Celtics were out-rebounded by the Lakers. Thank you Nurse ….errr I mean Doc.
  4. Al Jefferson, despite his shooting woes last night (3-11) is a proven bona fide rebounder in this league. He snares another 14 last night and has yet another double-double. The pre-game interview Al, in which he said they would not give up, was nice to hear.
  5. Wally continues to prove himself virtually invisible (if he were not so slow) except for the mistakes he makes. He makes more turnovers last night than field goals despite 21 minutes on the floor. Zoolander Wally is a painful thing to watch.
  6. Doc continues to prove himself unworthy of being in charge of his own team’s timeouts. This was evidenced in the first two quarters last night as the Lakers simply took off and left us. We caught up by 8 at halftime by some lucky breaks. Let Heinson run the timeouts with or without his scotch and soda.
  7. Delonte West was again sick before the game taking IV fluids during the day and his stat line was 10 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 block 1 steal and only 2 turnovers. His presence on the floor is impressive. Haters??? The line forms at the left (hand).
  8. Solid, Solid game by Ryan Gomes. He hit the open shots, pulled down 7 rebounds and displayed the exact kind of game as his teammate Delonte West. He must be discouraged at this point by the losses.
  9. Gerald Green please take note of the following. You have such great potential, and last night you showed some more of that in certain moments. It was a good solid game for you with a few fouls and botched defensive assignments. But something like Kobe Bryant is what we all have visions of you becoming, and that is a tall tall order and you have a ways to go. Be patient grasshopper and keep going to the hole.
  10. Rondo had the sort of game that shows he has potential, moments of fine play, and then you realize he needs much more time (and apparently the Celtics have more time to give him this season - if they only will).
  11. Scali !!!!!!! With a look a glazed doughnuts in his eyes while he “channeled” Matt Bonner, the BIG RED ONE came alive. He even had a floater in the lane. But all those minutes and one rebound. Sorry I am not on the bandwagon â€" not even close.
  12. Odom and Bynum can rebound. Bynum is an Oak tree â€" wow.
  13. The Lakers pass and move the ball so well, the old triangle offense looks like a hexagon and we were merely running some other shape (square?)

Another loss, another day, and another moment to reflect on the fact that at the end of the game there were more celebrating Laker fans in the Gah-en than Celtic fans. There was a time when those fans would have needed protection to leave the building.

Peace and TANK you very much

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