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Stein: Pau for Big Al Unlikely

Per Marc Stein in the Daily Dime:

Of course, it's no surprise that trading with the Bulls is West's preference, especially if the Celtics continue to bestow "untouchable" status on Al Jefferson as they did during the Iverson Sweepstakes. Chicago will have first crack at any All-Star talent who becomes available if it wants to be a bidder because of its deep reserve of young assets. Even if the Bulls hold firm on their refusal to part with more of the one from tag team of Ben Gordon or Luol Deng, they've got P.J. Brown's expiring contract to anchor a deal and desirable rookies in Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefalosha to round out any package.

The only way Boston could outbid a motivated Chicago is packaging Jefferson with a future first-round pick and Theo Ratliff's contract, which expires after next season and which is mostly being covered by insurance payments this season. But the Celts have shown little inclination to even consider giving that much away for Gasol.


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