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The End Is Near

According to Andrew Ayers of ESPN:

The streak will come to an end on Wednesday when Milwaukee heads to Boston. It is imperative that the win comes now, since an approaching road trip has the distinct chance to put the Celtics in the history books with a 24th straight loss. This would be a record for consecutve Ls in a single season.

Motivation is one reason. The Celtics would like to stop being the subject of public ridicule. And Milwaukee, without its version of Paul Pierce, Michael Redd, is slouching around in a manner not quite as pathetic as Boston, but in the neighborhood (19-32). And the Bucks will be coming off a Tuesday night home game against Dallas.

 Lets hope so.  Ping pong balls or not, this team needs a win in a bad way.  We need to stop hearing about the streak.  We need some amount of dignity restored.  We just need a win.

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