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Mannix: State of the Celtics

Chris Mannix gives a pretty thorough analysis of the Celtics state of affairs. I give him a lot of credit for getting through the entire article without mentioning Oden or Durant once. (Even I can't seem to do that.)

I agree with most of what he says and in the few areas where my opinion differs from him, I can only shug and say "I see what he's talking about though." I don't want to trade Green, but I think I would for Gasol. I don't want to blame Ainge, but I don't see how he can come out of this without blemish. We could do a lot worse than bringing in Paul Silas as a coach next year.

On the other hand, I wish he would take it a step further.  Don't just say "go for Gasol."  Offer up a package that both teams might be interested in.  If Ainge doesn't have a good plan, offer a better one.  For all the grief we gave Chad Ford with his "plan to fix the Celtics" type articles, at least he gave it a shot.

Maybe I'll try something like that, then you guys can spend the next 3 days making fun of me and questioning my sanity.  Won't that be fun? Never mind, I still think the best move is to make no move at all this deadline and deal from a position of strength (relatively speaking) this offseason.

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