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Glad That's Over

Winning that game just before the All Star Break was the macro-equivalent to being down by 20 but hitting a 3 pointer at the end of the half.  You know you are going to lose the game, but at least you feel a little better.

Now we can be forgotten about again. Now the news cycle will pick up another story.  The dunk contest can be our needed distraction.  The trade deadline could be a fun one too.  As long as we don't have to hear about that darn streak again.

Some last words from the Daily Dime crew (with Kiki Vandeweghe) before ESPN leaves us alone:

Q: In the win over the Bucks, Gerald Green, headed for the All-Star slam dunk contest, showed his catch-and-shoot skills, and Al Jefferson is already a fairly regular double-double guy with a nice running hook. Toss in Ryan Gomes, Rajon Rondo and Delonte West when considering the future. What do you think of them?

A: They have some young players who have marketability, but they don't have another Pierce in the pipeline. It really is arguable how good these guys are. Are they future stars in this league? Are they role players? Are they parts of a good team? These are legitimate questions.

Q: Does Ainge think more of his players than the rest of the league does in trade discussions?

A: Ainge values his young players highly -- as any GM should. He picked them.

Q: The Celtics likely to deal anybody soon?

A: It's difficult to do anything until you know if you're going to get one of the top two picks from the ping pong balls in the draft lottery.

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