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Daily Links 2/15

Cheap Seats  Picking First May Not Make Celtics Number One 

Herald   Green's hot hand a boon for the Celtics

The Streak stops here as Celtics top the Bucks

Pierce takes to the airwaves, Celts have season low TO's and will have preseason in Europe

Rebok elevates Green

Globe  Celtics Buck trend,  end streak at 18

Pierce expresses his frustration, wants to trade pick for veteran

Bucks bring good luck for the Celtics... Rondo and Green were the difference

Globe Blog   Post Game quotes from the locker room  Before Vegas Dunk-off, Green puts on shooting show

Worcester Telegram  Celtics end streak but no celebrating

Green is confident and keeping his dunks a secret till the contest

Tufts Daily   Another voice encouraging the losing to win attitude   Yet another article encouraging the Celtics to lose in order to win.

Duquesne Duke   Celtics fans turning Green... Win one for Red

Inside the Bay Area  A Good draft argument and guess as to why Powe isn't playing

All Headline News  From champs to chumps - Celtics, Knicks and Sixers slip into mediocrity

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