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Trade Week Is Here!

We are officially one week away from the trade deadline (Feb. 22 at 2:00 PM). To have some fun with the rumors and pie-in-the-sky trade ideas, we are going to announce a “Trade Idea of the Day” for each of the days leading up to the deadline. The ideas will be selected from the Trade Ideas forum and posted on the front page for everyone to pick apart or praise. They will be mostly Celtics ideas but good non-Celtics ideas can be considered as well.

There is no prize for the best idea, this is just for fun. There really aren’t any other rules since we don’t want to be held to anything other than “I liked this idea better than the rest.” Also, if your idea isn’t picked, don’t take it personally, we just don’t like you and think you’d be a terrible GM. Ok, maybe that’s harsh. We probably still like you anyway.

If possible, please research your trades with the ESPN Trade Machine because you can cut and paste a link to it easier than the RealGM Checker. Be creative, be respectful of each other, and have fun. First one will be announced tomorrow morning.

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