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Trade Idea of the Day - 2/16

Today's trade idea of the day is a radical right turn from the team's stated goals, but if you are going to blow it all up, this might be one way to go all out.

Pure Rebuilding Trade - by Moranis

(Trade Machine)

Bos trades Pierce, Gomes, West
Bos receives Thomas, Knight, Piatkowski, Atl 1st via Pho (it is top 3 protected this year, no protection next year), Cavs 1st via Pho, Pho 1st

Pho trades Thomas, Piatkowski, Banks, 3 firsts
Pho receives Pierce, Gomes

Cha trades Knight
Cha receives Banks, West

Obviously, as the title suggests this would put Boston into all out rebuilding mode, but would give the C's at least 3 and currently what projects as 4 firsts in the deepest draft in a decade.  Thomas, Piatkowski, and Knight are all signed for next year, but all would expire with Theo.  Those four contracts of varying sizes would allow the C's to be major players in any trade that occurred starting this summer and through the deadline of next year to add pieces to the young guys.

Phoenix, post-trade would have the best lineup in the game (Nash, Pierce, Marion, Diaw, and Amare with Bell, Jones, Gomes, and Jones is sick - though it is undersized something they are right now anyway).  They would have cap issues in the future, which is why they might not do the trade (though getting rid of firsts and the guaranteed money they bring helps with that), though I'm sure they could find plenty of takers for Marion or Diaw.

Charlotte still has plenty of cap room and adds two young relatively cheap players to their young core for their aging veteran PG.

Again, feel free to discuss, but be nice. Remember this is just for fun.

Got a better idea?  Post it in the forums, maybe it will be picked tomorrow. (details)

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