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Trade Idea of the Day

Today's trade idea is much more conservative than yesterday's.  The idea is to get a veteran point guard in Andre Miller.  Here is the deal.

 Get Veteran PG - by Marty

Obtain: Andre Miller (2 yrs 20 mil left)
Deal: Tony Allen, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, $ if necessary

Reason it works:  Miller is the perfect guy to man the point for a few years until Rondo is an established player.  Great guy for Rondo to learn from, and a very team oriented guy who should have a very good 2 years with the team, and pass the torch come 2009.  The 76ers I’m sure would love to get their hands on Telfair, as he has the potential to be an Iverson-lite.  Tony showed that even if he’s lost a little something, he can still be a very good NBA player.  And I think they would take Ratliff because they are could use that expiring contract.  I dont think Miller is in the 76ers final plan, so getting 2 pieces plus a contract will seem like a good move for Philly.

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