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Trade Idea of the Day - 2/17

There are a lot of ideas on what we can offer Gasol.  This one gives up quite a bit, but that might be what is necessary to outbid the Bulls.

Why Wait? - by D Dub

As bad as this team is, we could still be one move away.  Pau Gasol can make the future now for this Celtics team.

Think about it, even if we get realllly lucky and score a top 2 pick, we still are at least 2 years away.  Gasol is such a good fit, he would be unstopable with Paul on the screen/roll.  His inside/outside game at the 5 is the ideal style to pair with AJ.  With a front court of Paul, Pau, and Big AL, who would teams double?

Ainge needs to sell this thing.  Memphis wants to move, they need to save cash and we are in the best position to help them.  The Deal:

1st Rnd, #1 overall protected, 2007 pick
Theo's ghost w/ gastby-like contract
D. Stoudamire  (trade ID 3659193 - Trade Machine)

Mem gets what is right now perceived as the best shot at GO/KD, they also get an exciting player for cheap that will put people in the seats (especially after Sat. nite).  Also, they get 2 solid front court players to help fill the void Pau will leave.  One of which, Perk, having one of the most attractive big man contracts in the league.  Top pick, young talent, cheap front court... How can Memphis not want this deal?

We would gain needed veteran leadership at the point, clear up the logjam at the 2, and solidify our front court for years to come.  With the right coaching change, I think this lineup could wreak havoc in the East.

Our pick only loses value the longer we wait.  Pre-deadline, no one else can say their pick is worth more.  Also, Green's value will be at an all time high after Sat. night.  If Ainge is worth his salt, he should be able to get this one done without losing Paul and AL.

With Paul, Pau, & AL, we wait no longer.

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