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Daily Links 2/17

Herald  Green confident even with toothache, wants to be a complete player

Scottie Pippen planning an NBA comeback. 

Dunk Competitors - Gerald the favorite but watch out for Howard

Bill Russell to be on Wheaties box, says Oden isn't the next Bill Russell

Globe   The Art of Dunking - Slide show on Gerald's dunking

Globe Blog  Doc is a father figure as well as a coach

Green Room  Celtics are on a one game win streak

Hoopsworld   Green aims to bring the Dunk title back to Boston   All Star Blog... The Gerald Green Show

Loy's Place    What this team needs (without giving up too much to get it)

DJ was robbed... Again

South Coast Today  Green hoping to hit a grand slam in dunk contest

Patriot Ledger  Celtics Report Card... Effort is there but results are not

MetroWest Daily  From Oden's perspective

Boston Pilot    Ping pong balls are once again set to decide Celtics' future

Yay Sports   The Cavalier is feeling unloved by Celtics' fans

NBC Sports   Interview with Gerald Green 

Red's Army    Matty G's midterm grades

Portland Tribune   Ainge's highs have turned to lows

Sotheby's Auctions     Russell, Cousy, Bird, Maravich game jerseys for sale

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