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Two Tiers In Oden/Durant Race

One blogger looks at the worst teams in the league and identifies two tiers of bad teams. Here's some of what he said:

In the so-called 'race' for Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, here are the participants, along with their current number of losses.

Tier One: Memphis (40), Boston (38), Philadelphia (36)
Tier Two: Milwaukee (34), Seattle (32), Portland (32)

It's true, I have a dog in this race and that's the '06 - '07 Boston Celtics. I'd like nothing more than for Greg Oden to become a Celtic in June and it looks as if they will have a decent shot at getting one of the top two picks. The great Paul Pierce has returned and that will give the Celts a boost, but not enough to win more than twenty-five games. The Celtics are 6-4 when Al Jefferson and Pierce are in the starting lineup together (including Pierce's first game back from injury with onlyh 20 minutes logged).

Prediction of the final standings:

Memphis Grizzlies 21-61
Philadelphia '76ers 22-60
Boston Celtics 25-57
Portland Trail Blazers 29-53
Milwaukee Bucks 30-52
Seattle SuperSonics 31-51

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