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Trade Idea of the Day - 2/20

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This is either the last or second to last Trade Idea of the Day.  Enjoy!

Get Bibby - by Triple OT

Theo, Telfair, West and the Portland 08 2nd round pick for Bibby and Vitaly (expiring $3.6m).
The Cs get a PG, even though it takes them out of the Gasol sweepstakes.  Sacramento cuts salary and goes with a solid young combo guard and a true PG that needs time to develop.   

Bibby is the type of PG that needs talented offensive players around him to be most effective.  He should thrive with Pierce, and Wally/GG out there to spread the court.  This move is a commitment to AL in the low post, with Gasol out of the picture. 

Bibby makes the Cs a playoff team immediately.  They would have a quality PG, scorer, and low post threat, the three elements a team needs to build off of. 

Sacto doesn't get full value, but if there aren't any better offers, the Cs could score here.