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Daily Links 2/20

Links are provided daily by FLCeltsFan. Today's links include some commentary (in bullets) from Jeff.

Herald Another mid season report card from Mark Murphy

  • Here is my grade for the team. F - any team with a 18 game losing streak gets an F. Period.

Celtics trade winds are calm - Doc doesn't foresee anything happening

Globe Celtics are in a no-win situation

  • I always enjoy reading Jackie, but this is the same article that's been written by every other writer (including me about 7 different times) on this beat over the last 2 months. Maybe this is why Peter May writes contrarian articles. Still, she does get some bonus points for getting quotes from Wyc.

    Most fans don't care about any of that. All they want is a winning team, and they are tired of waiting.

    The face of ownership doesn't share that urgency.

    "How long am I willing to wait?" Grousbeck said. "The rest of my life. That's how long I plan to own this team. I'm not going anywhere."

Kings Thumbnails

  • Oh yeah, there's a game on tonight.

Celtics go West and South at the same time

  • I think the over/under on wins during this road trip is 1. I don't gamble, but if I did I'd be tempted to take the under.

MSNBC The race is on for Oden and Durant, Celtics are favorites

Daily Princetonian Celtics are holding steady in first place

Fort Wayne Journal Danny is masquerading as a GM and players masquerading as pros

Philadelphia Inquirer West and Ray, once rivals, now are teammates

Celtics Doom Celtics Doom assets chart

Can Danny Second half goals

Bonus Link: A Celtic Blueprint Launches A Forum Blue & Gold Legacy

  • An article & interview with Bill Sharman.

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