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Leaving Las Vegas

Sactown Royalty | Simmons in Vegas | Game Thread | Chat Room

sac.gifI'm sure someone else in the blogosphere has used that heading sometime this week, but I haven't seen it yet.  It has a double meaning (in my mind) today as we face the team that might eventually call Las Vegas home.  (Then again, what do I know about the Kings' situation?  Only a foolish blogger would post glib remarks about a team they don't follow every day, right?)  The C's start their killer West coast road trip with the most winable game of the set against the Kings.

Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty has game thread going.  He also is managing the Celtics beat on the AOL Fanhouse blog.  How much can a Sacramento fan know about the Celtics?  Don't worry, Tom is one of the good ones and I've already warned him of the pressure of reporting Celtics news.  If he posts any glib remarks that are as uninformed as the one I posted above, I'll be sure to point it out so you guys can rip him apart.  So far, he's just quoting Jackie MacMullen, a safe and smart move.

Ok, so he also gets cool points for this pregame haiku:

A team worse than SAC?
It's true! Boston is in town.
Let the yawning start.

Feel free to submit your own haiku's in the comments.

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