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Nothing Doing

As expected, there are more and more signs that the Celtics will do nothing this trade deadline. The team sent Allen Ray to the D-League, shortening their rotation slightly. There is zero buzz around the team in trade talks. Even Paul Pierce (who was openly pining to trade the draft pick) seems resigned to the fact that no deal will be made.

Shira Springer reports:

"There's no purpose for a trade right now," said Pierce. "I think you make trades when you're in a position to make a playoff run or a position to contend. You want to be optimistic with the situation, but we're just playing to get better with what we've got here."

It seems logical for Ainge to wait until the offseason to make a big move. By that time, he will have a better idea of whether there is any chemistry with the current group. Other teams, too, will have had a chance to evaluate the Celtics' young players. After May 22, the Celtics will know which draft pick they have, and offers may be placed on the table.

Marc Stien fils us in on the league-wide chatter in the Daily Dime, including this bit touching on the Celtics:

It seems clear, furthermore, that teams like Memphis, Chicago and Boston -- pretty much anyone with any sort of shot at a top-two pick in June -- has incentive to wait until the draft lottery in May before making major moves.

So those looking for a quick-fix solution better strap in and get used to playing out the string.

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