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Ford: The Big Gamble

From Chad Ford's chat:

Tony (Brookfield, CT): Why are the Celtics not actively shopping Pierce? Isn't it time to really throw in the towel in Boston and completly start over?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:12 PM ET ) I think Danny Ainge should listen to the podcast today. Pierce is also represented by Jeff Schwartz, Kidds agent. While he maintains that Pierce's desire is to retire a Celtic, he's growing impatient and thinks that i if the Celtics don't get a lot better soon, the scales will tip and Pierce will want a chance to play on a team that has a shot at a championship. My guess is that the deadline is this summer. I think Ainge is trying to make a big deal, he just doesn't have a lot of takers.

Eric (Boston): What kind of "big deal" do you think or know that Ainge is trying to make? Seems like they should just ride it out and hope for Oden or Durant.

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:29 PM ET ) I know that's the thinking in Boston and Bill Simmons is leading the charge. But I'm amazed at how quickly Celtics fans forget 1997. For the next five years they mourned that they didn't get the No. 1 pick and the chance to draft Tim Duncan. If the team does nothing, continues to lose and then doesn't get a Top 2 pick ... what's left? Paul Pierce demanding a trade ... the Celtics getting pennies on the dollar, Joakim Noah bouncing around diving for loose balls and the Celtics hanging out in the lottery for another five years.

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