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Moving On - An Epic Summer Awaits

The Daily Dime discussed the Celtics briefly today.  Basically, they came up with the same conclusion that I did a few weeks ago.  See my article called Crucial Summer.  The gist: This summer is make or break time for Ainge.

Should the Celtics be more proactive?

Ford: When I talked to Jeff Schwartz today, Pierce's agent, I got the impression that, Hey, Pierce is hanging in, he's being the good soldier, he loves Boston, he'd love to be there, but he's not going to wait around forever. It seems like this rebuilding process in Boston is taking forever.

Stein: I would say those changes have to happen before next season. ...

They're hoping that lottery luck shines on them this time because it didn't last time. Maybe they get one of the top two picks. ...

I think by May and June we will see what you would term Danny Ainge's last hurrah. He certainly has got to come up with something before next season. There's no way the Celtics can go into next season with Pierce and a bunch of kids, Hey, we're going to give it the old college try. They've got to make a monumental move by then.

But not doing it by this deadline, I personally don't have a huge problem with it.

Like I said before, I plan on going into this at length soon enough, but we've got the rest of the season to discuss that.  So no huge rush.

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