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Ainge Defends Himself

Bulpett reports :

Ainge on his comments to Chad Ford about not expecting to be so young this year: 

“Look, I know that this is my fault,” Ainge said. “I understand that. We were accumulating assets and hoping to turn some of those assets into a more experienced player who could really help us. We’re still trying to do that. I think we have some really good, young talent, but we have too many of those kind of players. I acknowledge that, and I’m trying to rectify that, but at the same time I’m not going to trade Gerald Green and Rajon Rondo for some 30-year-old guy just because he’s a veteran. It has to make sense for us in the long run.”

On the Sebastian trade:

“But we liked Sebastian, too,” Ainge said. “We still like Sebastian. If we had known we could get Rajon Rondo (in a trade with Phoenix for the 21st pick), we may not have done the trade for Sebastian, but I think having two good, young point guards is an asset. And we still needed the flexibility down the road to keep our up-and-coming players. That would have been a real problem for us if we hadn’t done that trade.” 

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