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Too Much (Gasol Rumor)

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Reports out of Boston say the Celtics would be willing to part with Al Jefferson (6-10, 22), and Gerald Green (6-8, 21) for Gasol. Jefferson is a nice player who's shown improvement during his three years in the league, averaging 14 points and 10 boards this season.

But he's nowhere near the caliber of player Gasol is. And neither is Green.

There would have to be more parts to this trade, since the combined salaries of Jefferson and Green (about $2.9 million this year) don't come close to Gasol's $12.3 million. According to league rules, a trading team can only receive up to 125 percent (plus $100,000) in return for the salary it trades.

Umm,... no, no, and no.  Maybe neither of our players is "near the caliber" of Gasol... yet.  But that doesn't mean they should be tossed into a deal to out-bid the Bulls (who might rather go for a guy like Ray Allen or hold out for KG anyway).  I really don't like the deal if this is the price.

The article goes on to cover rumors relating to the Bulls and Blazers.

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