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Daily Links - 2/8

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Eye on the Prize: Oden had Celtics fans thinking big

Celtics 16th far from sweet - Lose game and Wally

Wyc stands behind Doc and Danny and the team but feels it's time for a win

Wally with yet another ankle sprain, Pierce to go home from hospital today

Doc not surprised by Amaechi's revelation

Oden and Durant are worth the price of admission to the Lottery

Celtics are Bad Boys as in not good, a disturbing thought about the Dunk contest

Celtics no closer to tasting victory

Doc discusses Amaechi, Wally's bad luck continues, Walker gives thoughts on Pierce

Unsweet 16- Celtics wilt against the Heat to hit new low

Walker feels the Celtics pain

Finally feeling healthy, Wally does it again, Pierce to be reevaluated today

Better to trade Pierce than a pick that could become Durant or Oden

Grande bleeds green, likes the job Danny and Doc are doing, wants Pierce back soon

Wyc blames injuries for losing streak

Celtics losing streak now has a loss for each championship

Celtics have a loss for each of the golden trophies they have been lording over the rest of the league all these years

Trying to get a read on the losing streak

Celtics unprecedented dive might lead them to gold at the end

Celtics in the twilight where they can lose by winning and win by losing

This season isn't what Wyc had in mind when he bought the team

No sympathy for the Celtics plight

 Celtics wither against the Heat, Wyc still sees a lot to like in the team

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