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Po’s Post Game Points

I really wanted to write this morning about the Top 10 reasons why we won last night. In fact, in the chat room last night I was trying to mentally create a win by saying “I can smell a victory â€" can you smell it?” Apparently the only thing I could smell was my own bad breath blowing my hot air delusions back in my face.

On that note, let me just give you the recap in most palatable way I know how â€" short and sweet.

  • The Celtics came out strong, fluid, determined and focused trying to stop the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill and picking up more speed. (Positive Comment #1)
  • We built a 12 point lead early (Positive Comment # 2) ………… Caution to the average or overly depressed reader: There will be very few positive comments from this point forward in the recap.
  • The second half was the Miami Heat vs. “some team I no longer recognize any more”.
  • We shot 32% from the field (almost a record low this season) West, Jefferson and Gomes were a combined 14/53 (ouch) and Miami shot over 50%.
  • Our poor shooting negated a whopping 18 offensive rebounds to Miami’s 2. 18 !!!! (Positive Comment #3) 7 offensive boards for Al Jefferson.
  • “Toine”, or Mr. 38%, was 1-7 for Miami, 2 points, and 5 rebounds â€" I like him but I still do not miss him one tiny bit.
  • Nicknames for Wally in the Chat room are Zoolander, Blue Steel, Colonel Clank, etc. Blue Steel apparently has ankles made out of aluminum as again he goes down after stepping on PO(we)’s foot while he was sitting on the bench…….which brings me to my next point.
  • PO(we), as predicted a few weeks back, played so well in the absence of Wally and Scali awhile back that he has now been buried on the bench ever since their return. Doc is living proof that some people actually do need a weather man to tell which way the wind is blowing.
  • Speaking of blowing …..Allen Ray and Telfairy impress me about as much as …..well……Doc does.
  • On a related note to those of you screaming for a veteran PG â€" Gary Payton still looks pretty good for a very old veteran. Didn’t we have him once? â€" hahahaha.
  • Well that is enough depression for today. I leave you with a quote about “losing” direct from the Shaolin Temple of Po. 
  • “There are no lessons in winning, but a thousand in losing.”
  • Wow, we must be getting pretty smart by now  


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