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Bill Simmons Is On A Mission

Bill Simmons has a new obsession.  It is an extension of his fantanking article from earlier this week and the nice folks at ESPN have set up a whole blog for him to write about it.  In his words, here are his goals:

1. To answer the "Durant vs. Oden?" question definitively and indisputably.

2. To figure out which college teams could win the whole shebang next month.

3. To subject you to my ongoing fantanking obsession with the Celtics, which has become unhealthy to the point that I burned out my friends and my father. None of them want to discuss it with me anymore. So now, I'm going to burn you out.

4. To watch at least one college hoops game (sometimes two) per day and post my thoughts here (when warranted).

5. To throw in some relevant NBA commentary when warranted.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

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