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PO’s Post Game Points - 3/1

“Something for Everyone”

Are you a Tanker Deluxe? Are you a “I like to Win baby” Are you a Danny Ainge Lover? Hater? Are you Doc Lover? (are there any?) Hater? Are you a Optimist? A Pessimist? Last night’s game had it all for you no matter what you are.

Here you go Celtic Fans off all kinds


We won our second in a row, but yet we are barely ahead of the Grizz for last stinking place.

Our offense is still so stagnant that if it were a pond, there would be scum on it, so the losing will continue on most nights.

We still can’t hold a lead, play good against a zone and barely won this game after being up by 23 in the first half.

“I Like to Win” Fans

2 in a row on a season like this feels almost like playoff victory. The players have to feel better and I am happy for that.

We held on for a victory despite a 2nd half meltdown.

If you are going to beat someone then Zeke and the Knicks are a pretty good choice.

Danny Ainge Lovers

Gerald Green looks more and more like a good decision on draft night. The shot is impressive, and he was huge in the 4th quarter hitting plenty of shots. 21 Points and 4-6 from behind the arc. He helped break the zone.

Al Jefferson is our new hero, and Danny didn’t pull the trigger and ship him off when it seemed he would. Al Jefferson played a very very good game. Hat Tip to Al on 9 rebounds,  26 points and great poise and passing.

Danny Ainge Haters

Scalabrine looked pretty good for about 18 minutes as he channeled Matt Bonner again. In the last 18 minutes however I wondered (again) what in the world Danny was thinking when he signed him. 36 minutes of play and not one rebound as your forward????

Players like Kandi Man, Wally, and Theo are nowhere to be found and Telfair registers another DNP and nobody really cares or notices. Danny nice bench roster you assembled of veterans.

Doc Lover(s)

He was smart enough to not to play Wally while injured (oh wait Wally wasn’t in uniform)

He used good timeouts to prevent us from losing the entire lead? ( uhhhhh Nope)
Sorry I can’t think of anything. Next!!!

Doc Haters

Fill this in yourself, but my favorite “hate” this morning on Doc is that he did not play Po(we) again after two games earlier spouting off to the media that he was going to play him more!!!! Don’t scratch your head PO(we), he makes sense to no one that I can tell.


We show signs (again) that we have some real talent, and yet a coach to lead us to the lottery and a great pick despite this talent â€" it’s all good in that regard.


We might actually get really lucky enough, despite our coach, to get on a win streak and pull us out of the nose dive into the a pile of ping pong balls. This would mean the coach stays? Ughhh.

Anyway, I enjoyed the win and the reaction of the players who work so hard not to lose.