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Daily Links 3/1

Herald   Celtics get mad - hold off NY for second win in a row
Green rebounds from poor showing in Houston to come up big against the Knicks
Surgery to end Wally's season
Celtics honor DJ before the game and at half time
Globe  Wally shelved,  DJ remembered, Max apologizes
Celtics let lead slip away but not the game
Globe Blog   Post game comments from Al, Green and Pierce,  Isaiah praises Al,  Game report   Celtics Legends share memories of DJ   Great article on Kevin Durant
AOL Sports   Destiny awaits Boston and Memphis as they battle for the most ping pong balls   Lots of fun with Gerald Green and photoshop... Must see!
NY Times  Game report from the NY perspective
MetroWest Daily  Celtics ramble on to second straight win
Worcester Telegram   Max apologizes, DJ is honored
Jefferson and Green make the future look a little brighter
Patriot Ledger   Mike Fine reassesses his position on Celtics present, past
The Republican   The shine is off the parquet, Someone should offer answers
The Statesman    Toros' Smith recalls DJ's last pick up game.
Enterprise  Green light at end of Celtics' tunnel
SportsLawBlog  A legal look at the Maxwell comments