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Daily Links 3/11

Herald   Delonte feels good but Doc being careful
Nellie would probably go for Oden, Lewis may leave Seattle, Knicks have playoff hopes
Globe  West wants to play, Gomes out, Al is a great scorer but more proud of defense   Bulls at Celtics preview 
Celtics 24/7   The path to victory
Sports Illustrated    Pierce isn't a top 20 player, he's not even on the cusp
Worcester Telegram   Cousy was an original
The Olympian    Kevin Durant has Danny Ainge green with envy
FanHouse   Danny Ainge cozying up to the Durants
Greatest rivalries of the last 30 years:  Boston and Lakers
Hartford Courant   Celtics and Sixers won't bank on the lottery
Can Danny    Is the 4th pick  the Celtics' destiny? 
MetroWest Daily   Wins are a product of Pierce's presence
Plain Dealer   Tommy Gun and the Celtics:  Shootout specialists
LA Daily News   March Madness NBA style, McHale has problems in Staples Center   Teams most hurt by injuries this season, Celtics only 3rd    Celtics fans see a change of fortune
USA Today     Big Al has the Celtics rolling and more Fantasy news