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Daily Links 3/12

Herald   Pierce Bull-ied as the Bulls defense beats the Celtics
West wants to play, some NCAA teams older than the Celtics, Garnett started trash talk to Perk
Special run of jerseys and sneakers honor Red
Globe   It's a waiting game for West, Telfair trying to win minutes, Adidas to honor Red
Celtics held in check, look to make adjustments for tomorrow's game
Lots of non Celtics stuff but a note about Powe's contract toward the bottom
MVN Celtics17  Winning changes everything
Worcester Telegram  Celtics Bullied around, Doc coaching for next year as much as he is this year sticking with defenses even after teams adjust to them
Telfair in a tough spot and other notes
SouthCoast Today   Big Al justifies high hopes
411 Mania   Durant or Oden?  A critical diagnosis of the Celtics
Chicago Daily SouthTown    Bulls and Deng too fierce for Pierce (Game Report from Chicago view)
Chicago Tribune    Deng downplays dazzling job on defense (game report from Chicago view)
Chicago Sun Times    Doc singles out Deng for his job on defense against Pierce

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