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Blogger Bidding: Get KG

KGRegular readers of this blog know full well that my biggest non-Celtics man-crush is on Kevin Garnett. If and when KG comes on the market, I want the Celtics bidding for him. The other day I heard (once again) that the Lakers would be the early leader if they chose to go after him. Seeing KG in a Laker uniform would be near unbearable to me. I would almost rather have him play for the Bulls (even if that means he'll be in the East). I started wondering what it would take to get him in a Celtics uniform (as I do every couple months) and it occured to me that it isn't just what we can offer, but what other teams may be willing to offer.

Now, I could spend all day on the trade checker trying to figure out the finances for other teams but I would never understand the finer points of each of the other team's situations. For example, would the Lakers be willing to trade Odom and still toss in Bynum? Will the Bulls still be able to make a bid now that they won't have PJ Brown's expiring contract? Just 4 months ago, even as an Al Jefferson fan, I would have been willing to trade both him and Gerald Green to get Garnett. Now? Not so much.

So here is the plan I came up with: Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold, Matt from Blog-a-Bull, and myself will each come up with the best deals we can for Garnett. We each will look for inputs from our readers to help us with the deals. Later in the week we'll post our deals on TrueHoop and have as many people as possible vote on who has the best package deal.

So what would you offer for Garnett?

Keep in mind, we're looking for the best offer you are willing to give up. So there is no sense offering up a low-ball offer. If you are going to offer up cap flexibility to the TWolves, you should include what draft picks will be included and keep in mind the long term luxury tax ramifications involved.

Please use the Trade Machine to make sure your deal works and post the link here.  I'll settle on my favorite deal (or blend of deals) on Wednesday and the voting will take place at the end of the week.  It will be our own version of March Madness.

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