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Rondo-West Backcourt

The lineup that many have been waiting for all year got to start last night's game.  From the Globe:

In a somewhat unexpected twist, West started beside Rajon Rondo for a smaller, quicker backcourt than the pairing of Rondo and Gerald Green that started against the Bulls Sunday in Boston.

"I've done it before," said coach Doc Rivers. "I didn't actually like it before because I didn't think Delonte adjusted to it very well. I think he has now. It gives us a little quickness.

West thought the switch would make a positive impact, helping Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson get better shots than they did Sunday.

"We're two guards that can create out there," said West, who went 43 minutes and had 19 points. "Rondo is a young player in this league that is highly talented. He definitely creates shots for players. I don't mind being the beneficiary of some of those passes."