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Perk and Rondo Shine

It was nice to see two of my favorite players play well (even if it was just against the Hawks).

Perk is still playing in pain but starting to come around:

“It’s still pain,” Perkins said. “I don’t want to keep making excuses, but I don’t want to lie about it either. It’s not like it just went away. It’s something that I am dealing with. But if I am on the court, I have to produce.”

“The coaches have been saying to me that we want the old Perk back,” he said. “They want me to fight through it, and I want to do that myself. But there were only two problems. Once I got going, I was getting tired. Then I had to come out of the game because of my conditioning. Now my wind is getting right, and I am feeling better out there on the court.”

Rondo put the emphasis on playmaking last night, getting his first bucket on a end-of-half, half court heave (perfect for March Madness).

Rajon Rondo (13 points, 10 assists, three steals) also had a breakout performance against the Hawks.