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My KG Trade Proposal

On Monday, I had the brainstorm to bid against other bloggers for Kevin Garnett.  The theme I was getting from readers' ideas was that to get KG from the Wolves, we are going to have to take some of their mistake contracts off their hands.  I tend to agree.  Here is my proposal.

Kevin Garnett, Troy Hudson, and Mike James


Gerald Green, Delonte West, Wally Sczcerbiak, Theo Ratliff, and 2 future unprotected 1st round draft picks

Here is the deal on the Trade Machine.

(they can swap Gomes for West if they prefer - also, we can take back min. salary guys if they want to avoid cutting them to make the rosters balance)

There are 2 reasons the TWolves should consider this:

  1. Money, Money, Money - this deal provides over $33M in savings over the next 3 years.  They save $6M next year, and $18M the year after AND they'll hold Wally's $13M expiring contract in 08-09.
  2. Talent - Gerald Green has the highest upside of any prospect we can offer outside of Jefferson.  West is already a legit point guard that would allow Foye to concentrate on being a shooting guard.  The future picks will give them even more of a chance to rebuild in a way they haven't had a chance to since the Joe Smith debacle.

Meanwhile, Garnett and the Celtics get their legit shot at an NBA Title with just enough money under the Luxury Tax to extend Al Jefferson's contract. Maybe we can even salvage what is left of Mike James' career (Pierce has already played with him once).

Is this enough to get a superstar?  I hope so.  That is the best deal for the TWolves that I can bear to part with.  If they can get a better deal from the Lakers or Bulls, more power to them.

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