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Mavs Will Bring A Whoopin' Stick

dal.gifThe Mavericks played in the game of the year on Wednesday.  A double overtime, best friends fighting for MVP, two teams at the very top of their game fighting for the top record game.  And they lost.

I sometimes have to shake off the cobwebs to remember back to the days when the Celtics were in a position like this.  But the closest analogy I can come up with is that time in the 1985-86 season when the team seemed to be doing ok, then they got whooped by the Knicks on Christmas Day.  They got so ticked that they took it out on the rest of the league and didn't lose another home game all year.

These are slightly different circumstances because the Mavs were in that game against the Suns, but maybe that makes it even worse.  Dallas is not going to be happy about losing and I have a feeling they are going to take it all out on the Celtics.  This one could be really, really ugly.  In fact, if you are trying to decide between the Celtics and March Madness, I would take the Madness (but maybe check in at halftime to see how things are going).

Mavs Moneyball is still recovering from the Suns game and looks at comments from around the league.  Don't expect Cuban to comment on it though.  He's too busy declaring the death of Analog TV, messing with Google,  and swimming in his piles of money like Scrooge McDuck, ...just because he can.