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Its Not Tanking, Its Tinkering

Scott Souza's article today on rotations is full of the usual excuses about not having the right personel or health to have a regular rotation.  What interests me is the fact tht Doc has now admitted openly that the team will be tinkering with things for the rest of the year.

He conceded he might not bother trying for the rest of this season. With only 18 games left until the lottery draw, he said there will be more experimentation down the stretch.

Among the tinkering he planned to do in the final month included getting rookie Allan Ray more time at point guard.

“We don’t have that many practices left, so we have to do it in games,” he said. “A couple of times (Wednesday), we had Allan Ray bring it up, but I am going to force him into point guard minutes, whether it fits or not, because I want to see if it does.”

That's the spirit!  In fact, lets try some more experiments while we're at it.  Go all the way!  Gomes at center for a supersmall linup.  Green at the point with Kandi, Perk, Gomes, and Scal for our superbig lineup.  Try a full court press against Steve Nash. Try zone against Dirk.  Have Perk stay back as a designated defender.   Bring back the weeve.  Experiment with the Princeton offense then switch to the triangle for laughs.  Have fun with it Doc.  Get nuts!  Its play time!