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Celtics Fined For Ainge's Seat Location

For those that missed it, Ainge was seen on air sitting next to and talking to Kevin Durant's mom during a game a week or so ago.  To those (like me) who thought "hmm, that's probably not legal, I wonder if they'll do anything about it," here's your answer. 

SI Reports:

With March Madness upon us, the NBA is cracking down on loose-lipped team executives who can't help but talk about -- or to the families of -- Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, the likely top picks in this year's draft.

According to a memo dispersed to all GMs and team counsel Friday by NBA general counsel Rick Buchanan, three teams were fined a total of $60,000:

The Boston Celtics were fined $30,000 as a result of contact that took place between executive director Danny Ainge and Durant's family members at a Big 12 tournament game on March 10.


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